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Buying Coffee in India for your Espresso Maker Okay, so you’ve invested in an espresso maker and made the conscious decision to have a great cup of the world’s most preferred drink, everyday. Here are some resources to help you get started for buying coffee in India for your espresso coffee maker. An important fact if don’t already know this – India is the 6th largest producer of coffee in the world. This article is a sort of ‘best practices’ guide for selecting and sourcing coffee in India. Our intention is to provide the latest information at the time of writing this post and we also encourage you to write in the comments below for any update or correction or any additional information or new coffee source you would like to share with others. What kind to buy : The rule of three F’s best describes a rewarding experience. Freshly roasted / Freshly ground / Freshly brewed. Always look for sources that are going to provide you with freshly roasted beans. These could be your neighborhood South Indian supplies store or from the few coffee roasters selling online which we have listed below. Ask for an espresso grind. When to buy : A little planning while ordering will ensure you’re never out of supplies for your cuppa joe.

Order frequently. Once you’ve worked out how much you consume, plan your order quantities accordingly. Typically, if you have one cup a day, a pack of 250 gms will last you a month. The thumb rule is to order just in time to ensure you’re getting fresh batches of your preferred roast. Ordering weekly is best. How to store : Consume your coffee so it doesn’t have to be stored for long. If you’re a regular coffee drinker, storing it in a container with a lid in your kitchen cabinet is just fine. If you live in very humid conditions, refrigerate the container, if you’re going away for a long period, freeze the container. What kind of beans to order : The two main species of coffee are Arabica (CoffeaArabica) and Robusta (Coffearobusta). Robusta is easier to care for which is why it is one of the cheaper varieties of coffee and is considered a low grade coffee used mainly as a filler. Arabica on the other hand is a high grade coffee and contains less caffeine than Robusta. Go for the Arabica variety. The coffee we supply with our machines is a blend of two kinds of Arabica varieties – Plantation A and Peaberry. Go ahead and experiment with the varieties offered by the roasters listed below. Remember to ask for an espresso grind ! A quick note on Roast Profiling – this is a precise roasting style to customize each batch of coffee or give it a “profile”. Expert roasters determine the profile to impart to the coffee depending upon the ‘characteristics’ of the coffee which are a result of it’s origins, variety etc. In general, roasts are of three kinds – light, medium and dark corresponding to the strength of the coffee you will get on brewing. This should get you started on your coffee journey and give you the road map to experience some of the best coffee varieties which are sold all over the world and are actually available in your own backyard. Know more about coffee makers in India here.

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