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The reclining or heated massaging chair has quickly become an excellent substitute for traditional therapy against back pain, neck pain, kidney pain, headaches, legs and even pains and stress.

The vast majority of people seeking a massage chair experience at least one of these reasons. The massage chairs have been proven and will help relieve your daily ailments.

Some people just want a nice pedicure chairs that will look good in their living room or office so they can relax and just listen to the surround sound of their home theater or channel.

But if you are planning to invest in a massage chair, there are some things you will need to consider before you buy. There are 10 points you will need to pay attention to.

To make the right choice it is not enough to experience the seat of the chair or seat by sitting on it. The most decisive parameters will be at first the price of the armchair and its look, but read what is to know what are the other important points to check.

  1. Characteristics

The old massage chairs provided only vibrations. Well, today, they are also capable of many other things.

Kneading   or Shiatsu

Also known as “shiatsu”, kneading rolls out of the spine and feels a little like two hands that will alternately rub your back. That is why it is said that massage chairs mimic the hands of a licensed massage therapist.

Percussion / Tapping

This function gives you the impression of small pats in the back. Advantages: increased blood flow and muscle rigidity.


Wheels move in the chair from top to bottom stretching the muscles on either side of your spine. Gentle movement of the marrow, and stretching of the spine and muscles around it. People really appreciate this feature.

Foot and calf mixer

Many of the new wheelchairs have a mobile tie around the calves and surrounds the feet by a system of airbags. This feature is a real plus to relax your legs at the end of the day.

Total inclination

If you want your massage to be as deep as possible, you will need a chair that has a good tilt. And continuing a backward inclination, the intensity of the massage is increased. It is simply weightlessness that uses your weight to make the massage deeper. Many chairs do not bow much further than 135 º. Look for a recliner at 170 degrees or more.

  1. What durability?

A well-built spa chairs should give you satisfaction for many years. So it is important to dwell on the quality of construction of the chair motor that is the heart of this unit.


A longer warranty gives you greater confidence in the purchase of your chair. So privilege long warranties. But, beware of extended warranty descriptions, the terms of repayment are often difficult to obtain in this case and it may ultimately not serve you at all.


Is the massage chair manufacturer well known? Are they easily accessible if there is ever a problem? Is a free number provided in the after sales service? A manufacturer who has been on the market for a long time is always a guarantee of safety.

New against used

Beware of buying a second hand chair you have no real way to know if the device has been used in good conditions by its former owner. And the engine may be at the end of life even if the outside seems to be in good condition.

  1. Ease of repair

A massage chair is a very heavy object and simple repairs can become a real ordeal when you have to send it back to the manufacturer. Even to repair something as classic as a simple tear in the exterior cladding.

For this reason, I recommend buying armchairs built with a modular design. Repair is easy and economical. If a part is broken or the coating is torn you can disassemble the part is question is only send this one for repair.

  1. Customer service

As far as I’m concerned, this is probably the most important thing of all. If something happens to your chair or you are concerned about any function of your device, it is really nice to have a business that is always available. So, be sure of the quality of the service before even choosing your chair.

  1. Price

The least massage chair always costs at least a few hundred Euros. They are not cheap. You will need to invest some money to get a quality product. On the other hand, prices do not have to be at the top to have something comfortable, functional and quality.

A cheaper solution may be to buy a massage cushion.

Depending on the characteristics you want and / or need, the prices can vary from 1000 to 5000 €. The margin is therefore high. Well, know that you can get a chair with all the features needed for massage therapy between 2000 and 3000 €.

  1. Money back guarantee

Does your retailer offer a money back guarantee within 30 days of use? If not, then you must be a little skeptical. This is a pledge of seriousness as they must be sure of the quality of their product.

How can you trust your purchase if the product is not supported by the seller? Some companies even offer 60 or 90 days money back.

  1. Adjustable to different sizes

Some companies offer chairs directly calibrated to certain sizes. But with a well-manufactured product, the height and width of standard adjustments can meet virtually every type of person.

Most chairs are designed for a weight limit of 150 Kilos. If you buy your new massage chair for a very heavy person, make sure the chair supports its weight well.

  1. Remote control

Virtually every new massage chair comes with a remote control to control the various adjustments of the device. Some remote controls are more or less high tech but it is superfluous.

  1. Appearance

It may sound silly, but make sure that the chair is in keeping with your bedroom, office or home decor, it must blend in with the decor. Do not look for compromises on prices against aesthetics because you will have this chair for a day and for a long time. An armchair whose plastic does not suit you will only provide you with stress in the long run, and it is against the relaxation function provided for this device.

  1. Satisfied customers

A salesman will tell you everything you want to hear for you push to buy. What do other customers think about the model you are considering? Their testimonies are precious. So check before you buy, a good source of information remains comparative sites where people can leave comments and discussion forums on the internet.

Now you know the 10 points to check before you buy it should help you in your future acquisition of a massage chair.