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Do you think the only ring a man wears should be his wedding band? Or are you more adventurous, considering signets, knuckle rings and gemset bands? Here are some things every man should know about wearing rings so you can make a better choice when thinking about how to adorn your hand with decorative loops.

Wedding bands

When a man is choosing a wedding band for himself, he should think how it will suit him as well as how it will complement the wedding ring that his partner will be wearing.

For instance, what would be a good choice for the husband if his wife chooses one of the fully set diamond wedding rings?

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Statement rings

Decorative men’s jewellery is making a comeback, according to Jeweller Magazine. If men wear a large ring with a jewel inset or a three-dimensional design, it is unlikely to be mistaken as an indication of their marital status.

When worn on a pinkie finger, a ring says a man wants to make a statement. Sometimes they tell you a bit about his family, for instance if they bear a crest. Or they may be a sign of another allegiance – Hollywood likes to show gangsters and Mafioso wearing pinkie rings. But they may just be a practical ring choice since wearing a ring on the pinkie does not interfere with the heavily used index or pointer fingers.

Middle fingers are the largest and boldest on our hands, so rings worn there are often similarly upscale. A lot of first-time ring wearers find it most comfortable on the middle finger because it feels so central and, frankly, manly.

Pointer finger rings are uncommon because it feels good to leave the finger unhindered. Hundreds of years ago it was most common to wear rings on the pointer finger and was often a signet or bore a family crest. Nowadays they often bear membership or alumni rings.

Finally, thumb rings are often worn by people with a unique sense of style, and they tend to be bulky to sit comfortably and also because they can be seen as a symbol of a man’s wealth and influence.

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