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There’s nothing quite like taking something incredibly plain, and making it exciting! That’s an accomplishment, right?

This is the nature of custom embroidery: Transforming the most basic items into unique, personalized pieces.

It’s a technique that has been around for centuries across different cultures, all making use of colorful thread to create art.

It’s popular for a reason and could be what your business needs this year. Not sure how?

We compiled a list of the top six things you need to know about this art form. Take time to consider each one and how custom embroidery could benefit your own life in some way.

1. What It Entails

First it’s important to fully understand what custom embroidery entails.

As mentioned, the process of embroidery involves the bringing together of different strains of thread at a fast pace in order to produce a word or image.

This needs to be done on a material based surface with two sides so that the thread has a foundation to cling to. Custom embroidery is therefore a method of reproducing text or imagery onto products that were plain before.

This method of sewing is embraced globally. Despite tech advances some places still make use of more outdated embroidery systems. For the best quality of course, benefit from technological advancements and use high performing systems of custom embroidery.

These days it’s all automatic. This saves you time, but also improves quality.

2. It Is Done Using Machines

Originally, embroidery was developed by hand through very patient individuals who discovered they could reproduce images onto canvas using just a needle and thread.

There are some forms of custom embroidery available produced by hand based sewing. For the most part, advanced society has shifted to a more efficient method of embroidering; through machines.

Embroidery machines can perform the same original technique, just at a much faster pace and far more intricately.

These machines are linked up to a computer system in which the desired imagery can be loaded. This is why all embroidered patterns and logos are so perfectly designed, because they started out digitally.

When you’re happy with the design the machine will embroider onto the desired product at high speed with thousands of variants of string. Most embroidery machines are capable of holding 500 shades of color at a time.

3. It Is Highly Customizable

Because custom embroidery machines are linked closely with computer software, all work done can be customized right down to the finest details.

This is great for designers who need the most meticulous specifications met with their pieces of embroidery. It is also highly beneficial to business owners who would like personalized uniforms made for their staff members.

Having names or hand drawn designs embroidered on products is incredibly unique and is something that is sought after in the modern world where everything is about showcasing your image. If this is important to you, you’ll love that no design is too intricate for an embroidery machine to replicate:

  • Logos
  • Slogans
  • Photos replicated

Through the computer program, colors can also be adjusted and linked to specific threads in the machine. This means you can also swap out colors to give your original design a trendy new look.

4. Businesses Love It

If you’re in business, take note: Businesses around the world are moving more of their branding over to embroidery wherever possible. This is largely because it’s a better and more permanent option compared to standard printing on clothing.

Many businesses rely on their company logos being seen on clothing items. That’s a huge aspect of brand building. Custom embroidery gives them the opportunity to have this done in a high quality way that won’t peel off over time. You don’t want employees to seem disheveled.

You may also enjoy the idea of embroidering names to staff work shirts. This cuts costs in the long run by eliminating name tags. Name tags are also susceptible to loss, but if they’re embroidered they will always be in place.

5. Different Products Are Suitable

There’s an array of different products suitable for custom embroidery. Simply use your imagination.

  • Shirts
  • Hats
  • Jackets
  • Pants
  • Overalls
  • Duffle bags
  • Backpacks
  • Flags
  • Duvet covers
  • Towels

These are just to name a few. More heavy duty embroidery machines may be able to penetrate through much heavier materials such as tent walls, tarps and even car seat covers.

So long as you’re working on fabric quality embroidery can properly take place.

6. You Can Use it as a Form of Marketing

When it comes to businesses making use of custom embroidery for their staff uniforms, the whole thing becomes a form of marketing.

Since employees tend to wear their uniforms before, during and after work the likelihood of multiple individuals seeing them is very high. This includes potential customers.

They’ll be impressed at how you prioritize professionalism even in your clothing.

An added bonus: Having quality embroidered logos on your staff uniforms is how you present your brand to the public, but also creating a sense of team work among your employees. There will be an undeniable sense of community when everyone hangs out in their custom embroidered items.

Final Thoughts

Custom embroidery is a great way to get creative with seemingly plain objects.

Look around you and consider where & how this versatile medium could transform some of the items in your space.

Do you have tips on optimizing this tactic in your business? Share your tips, warnings and creativity below.

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