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All or many of us like the idea of ​​receiving and enjoying free stuff and if they also send them free of charge even better. Well let me tell you that receiving free things at home is possible, there are currently companies that send free products to be tested by consumers.

When you become a tester of products, you start receiving an unimaginable range of products for free. But how does this work? The tester of products is dedicated to participate in market studies that make the brands in order to know the opinion of consumers about their products. In some cases these are products that are not yet for sale, while others are already on the market.

How can I become a tester of products and send free things to my house?

There are several websites like Trybe, Youzz or Testamun that are responsible for carrying out this type of product testing for different brands. To become a tester you must register in the page of your preference by completing the information requested and creating your profile. You must provide basic information about yourself and answer some questions about your tastes and preferences (hobbies, trips, personal care), in this way the company can know what kind of products are most suitable for you. Remember that we are talking about companies that send free products to be tested, so they should not request bank details or credit card numbers.

To be a product tester you do not need any special skills, you just have to be a person interested in knowing new things and above all have a great disposition to share your opinion about the experience with the product. Once you are registered, request through the website that you are sent free samples, you may have to fill out a form to verify if your profile is suitable to test this product. If you are selected to receive the free samples, they will send you instructions on what to do and the products. Remember that for each campaign a limited number of testers is required, so I recommend that you regularly check the webs where you are registered.

Recommendations to be selected by companies that send free products

  1. Be honest when completing your profile, companies that send free products willuse this information to optimize the results of their study. When they ask you for a phone number, enter your real number.
  2. Make sure your profile is complete so you will have more chances to be selected and receive free samples, it is important that you have your Amazon account active because in some cases you may need it.
  3. Always read carefully the instructions of each campaign.
  4. You should know that many of these pages will punctuate your workso that little by little you can go up a level. As you improve your status, you will receive first invitations to the campaigns and at the highest level you will have exclusive access to certain campaigns.
  5. When completing the product test questionnaire you should be as honest and sincere as possible, put yourself in the place of the brand and provide all the information you want to know about your product and your appreciation.
  6. Check regularly the web pages in which you are registered since each campaign requires a certain number of participants.
  7. Participate actively in social networkswill help you score points, share funny photos trying the product alone or with your friends and uses the hashtags of the campaigns.
  8. Finally, remember the following simple rule for when you start with a new website or see campaigns that seem to be incredible: if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is not, nobody will give you an Iphone or an Xbox just for trying it, for example.