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On August 2, 2016, Samsung held new conference in New York, and released a new series of products Samsung Galaxy Note 7. And this phone once again subverts the public understanding of the big screen mobile phone. On the change from Big Screen to Big idea, you can see that Samsung has no longer blindly to the big screen as a hush, more into the user experience and innovative features. It can be said S Pen is vitality the source of Note series, and it brings Samsung Note series more and finer; double curved screen, iris recognition of these innovative features to join is undoubtedly icing on the cake to Note7. Design: positive and negative four curved glass / IP68 waterproof Design from the previous generation Galaxy Note5 Samsung began to apply the acclaimed Galaxy S6 body design, double-sided glass with metal frame, both the feel and aesthetics. The Galaxy Note7 in the inheritance of the above design advantages at the same time did a finer grinding. Positive and negative hyperboloid glass chamfering and metal in the box is more fit, no matter how the grip will not have the feeling of cutting hands. In addition, the four-surface glass design to Galaxy Note7 in the screen space control on the more excellent, very narrow frame accounted for a larger screen, the visual experience is better. Samsung Galaxy Note7 front equipped with a 5.7-inch Super AMOLED screen, resolution up to 2K level 518ppi, display more delicate and fluent. And this time Samsung also introduced the HDR function, color dynamic enhancement, display saturation and color reproduction degree becomes higher. The top of the screen is slightly different from the previous generation. In addition to the common light distance sensor, front camera and bar handset, the Samsung Galaxy Note7 also joined the new iris recognition and infrared module. In addition, it is worth mentioning that the China version canceled “Samsang” Logo printed on international version below the handset, so that the front is more concise. It is worth mentioning that, Samsung Note7 passed the IP 68 dustproof and waterproof certification, the official claims that the flow of 1.5 meters in the flow of water to stay up to 30 minutes. Actually test the waterproof effect is really good, at the same time, not only the body S Pen stylus also supports IP 68 waterproof, but also underwater operation. However, the need to remind is best not to soak in the water for a long time, if the soaking time is too long or water conditions lead to water warranty is still a problem. Equipped with Xiao Long 820 chip / with 4GB RAM: pay more attention to mobile phone security On hardware configuration, this Samsung Note 7 equipped with a quad-core 64-bit Xiao Long 820 processing chip, supplemented by 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM. Although not the legendary “6GB RAM + 128GB ROM” top version, on current market it is still considered as a high-end flagship configuration. In order to get a good experience only good hardware configuration is not enough, the system optimization is more important. Samsung Note 7 equipped with 6.0.1 system based on Android, the system interface for the deep customization. Visually, Samsung Note 7 from the UI to the UE continued the shape of the previous generation of elliptical, the interface style film flat, color with more fresh and elegant. Concerned about the system interface at the same time Samsung Note7 in the functional also put in a lot of effort, more emphasis on system ease of use and security. Samsung Note 7 introduced a double edge UX, whether from the left or right, users can develop their own edge UX, to achieve an instant call out, a large extent to enhance the system ease of use. On security, Samsung Note 7 folder has the ability to isolate space, set up a separate security folder, not only support the application of dual accounts, and create a completely independent security album. Combined with its KNOX, Note7 better protects the privacy of users. In the handling, by Xiao Long 820 matching Android 6.0.1, Samsung Note 7 can give users a very smooth control experience. Even in the case of in the background to mount a number of APP operation it is still no obvious stuck phenomenon, gently slide the screen will not have a serious tail. When to enter the application there is almost no sense of delay. Overall, Note 7 in the system experience feeling, really do not live in the name of the flagship. S-Pen experience: support writing on screen / function more powerful Samsung Note7 in addition to focus on improving system ease of use and security, but also enhance the S-Pen experience. In terms of hardware, not only support IP68 level waterproof, while the pen tip fineness reduced to 0.7mm, while the pressure level is raised to 4096, in order to obtain a good handwriting experience it provides hardware guarantee. In addition to the hardware upgrade in function, Samsung also brought us a few very useful S-Pen functions, enabling users to have a better and more convenient control experience. One of the biggest upgrade is to support the off screen handwriting, as the name implies, the user does not even need to boot, you can write on the screen, eliminating the steps of opening the screen to unlock, enhance the recording speed. Another feature worthy of mentioning is the select region recording function, the user can use the stylus to circle the screen, and then you can record the selected area. If selected for video, then the relevant area will automatically be converted to Gif Figure. After the completion user can be real-time sharing, very convenient. In addition to the suspension function is a new bright spot of S Pen, although the previous S Pen already has a suspension function, in actual it has not been used. This Samsung Note 7 on this feature did in-depth mining, so that more useful, the user can use this feature to enlarge the text, very practical. In addition, if there is translation needs, users can also use the floating function for the text translation. On software, Samsung Note 7 built in Samsung Notes, the application can support the color function, simply to restore the reality, different combinations of colors can generate new colors, which for art lovers should be a no Resist function.

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