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Introduction The television is a system for transmitting and receiving images and sounds that simulate motion remote that uses a diffusion mechanism. Transmission can be effected by means of waves of Radio, by networks of cable TV, satellite TV or IPTV, which exist in forms open and payment. The receiver of the signals is the television. The word television derives from the mixture of the Greek “tele” (far) and the Latin “vision” (see or observe) and makes a direct reference to the telecommunication function (distant communication). The function of television Television could be a very important source of news, information, and entertainment for countless families. Television could enrich family life; it could increase its culture, unite its members more and promote its solidarity towards people. Humanity had never known, until a few years ago, a vehicle that transmits ideas and customs to so many millions of people and so quickly. But unfortunately, it departs from that great service of the common good to which it is called by disseminating distorted messages or manipulated information, transmitting exploitation advertising, exalting false visions of life that hinder the realization of reciprocal respect for justice and peace. In the end, it ends talking, reacting and living according to the models proposed by television. You need a quality television and above all our children deserve a television that does not infringe on their rights, or against their physical or mental correctness and that provides them with adequate entertainment. Characteristics of Television 1. An audio-visual Medium: As TV has the feature of audio and visualization it has more viewers than radio’s audience. 2. Wide reach with high credibility: It is a Global medium for communication which turns our society into informative society. It is wide network so you can reach the world by the news. 3. Advertiser influence: TV is a salesman of modern times. The businessman advertises their product through this media and reaches to the number of customers all over the world. 4. A living room medium: TV can be the medium of family togetherness. TV watching with family brings the family and relation together. Role of TV in current life Today’s television is means of communicating important and has the influence on young people and adults. For many people, it is the main source of the news, knowledge, and entertainment, form the opinions, attitudes, and values of systems. The function principle of the television is the function of entertainment. They hope that the television will provide many experiences positive and fun. Its aim is to overcome the boredom and the monotony. Also are the most features important for the children. Another function is the function of education, especially in the children. TV dealerImage source: Google.com