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“Do It Yourself” ingredients for beauty and skincare are famous. Girls like using home remedies for several skin issues and infections. For example, the use of lemon juice is very common in skincare routines. It doesn’t come without side effects. Therefore, it is important to shop some quality beauty products and brands with Sephora promo code Malaysia. Those who prefer all natural ingredients in the beauty products can shop whatever is good for them. This would be affordable and economic with the help of Coupon.my in Malaysia. Let’s see what DIY ingredients can do with your skin with time.

Egg Whites:

It is very easy to make a tasty omelet in the morning for breakfast. What about applying egg whites on skin? Beauty experts believe that egg whites strengthen the skin pores. It also makes skin smooth. In the short run, this technique is good as it washes and drains all the dirt from skin. However, it can create risk of gastrointestinal tract infection due to the Salmonella.

Lemon Juice:

It is a common ingredient and it is applied to wash the skin pore and surface. The lemon squirt is also included in the skincare treatments for acne scars and hyperpigmentation. Using lemon juice adds light and freshness on the skin. However, girls must remember that there are Psoralens in lemons. This can lead to a situation called Phototoxic Reaction. Therefore, girls must shop high quality beauty products containing lemon juice with Sephora promo code Malaysia in order to avoid skin burns.


“Cinna Mask” got attention in the recent years after the publicity by some beauty experts. Several beauty blogs covered a discussion series in order to explain the benefits of cinna mask. However, the negative impacts of cinnamon started to report after some time. The most common issue reported by users was skin burn. No doubt, cinnamon keeps antibacterial features but it makes skin vulnerable to spice allergies.


Whatever happens in your bedroom is private and it is your business. However, the semen is not limited to the fertility and reproduction. These are being used in beauty products. Semen facial hit the markets in 2014 when the Tracy Kiss claimed to have moisturizing and calming effects after using it. Several other reports appeared in the beauty discussions claiming good results of semen facial against the acne. Never try semen of your friend as it may pass different sexually transmitted diseases.

Apple Cider Vinegar:

It is a Sacred Grail of several DIY beauty and skincare routines. It is good as it offers resistance against acne scars. It removes the moles and spots.  However, there are certain limitations of regular use of apple cider vinegar. This liquid is acidic and it may add more acidity to skin. Continuous acidity on skin promotes burns.

Buy Quality Products To Avoid Issues:

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