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Why women around the globe love to wear magnetic eyelashes?

Magnetic eyelashes with their appropriate magnetic eyeliner are the easiest way to get a full eye look. Especially women who don’t want to mess with lash glue and crooked eyes or have very little patience or shaky fingers just love this heavenly combination of magnetic eyelashes with magnetic liner. Clear magnetic eyeliner by Dramma Llama has a magical vibe about it, and it is used in the same manner as any other liquid liner. You can always add lashes from a baby lash kit of this brand with a magnetic liner if you like, and it can be used to replace the traditional liquid liner.

How to apply magnetic lashes with magnetic eyeliner:

Magnetic eyeliner is pretty easy to apply and provides an instant transformation in your beauty looks. If you are ready to learn the art of applying magnetic lashes eyeliner, then follow these steps:

  • Always wash your hands before touching your eyes to avoid infection and apply magnetic eyeliner and lashes only on clean, dry skin. Read the manufacturer’s instructions and follow them properly along with the following basic procedures:
  • Complete your eye makeup first. If you intend to use additional eye cosmetics, such as eye shadow, make sure to apply it before applying magnetic liners and lashes.
  • Shake well the magnetic eyeliner bottle and open out the eyeliner applicator from the bottle. Brush the product along your lash line carefully. Line your upper eye line and apply magnetic liner just as you do with the normal eyeliner.
  • Now pick up your magnetic lashes from the box and gently bend to help better form the shape of your eyes. Put one on either side of your natural lashes. You can hold the lash strip near your lash line to make sure it’s the same length as your lid (You can trim falsies if needed).
  • When you use magnetic eyelashes and liner together, the lashes should instantly adhere to the liner you’ve already applied. If you’re using a set that doesn’t need eyeliner, each side of the lashes should connect directly.
  • Gently push on either side of your lashes to ensure they are securely in place and will not fall off and scratch your eyes.
  • The magnetic lashes will not move unless you firmly grasp them and take them off. Magnetic lashes can be removed without harming your natural lashes.

Once you’ve applied your magnetic lashes and eyeliner, they’re supposed to stay in place all day until you want to remove them. Dramma Llama is the brand that provides clear magnetic liner and baby lash kit in a variety of hues. This baby lash kit by Dramma Llama allows you to customize the look of your lashes. The composition of magnetic eyeliner has iron oxide that omits the need for eyelash glue to wear stunning full long lashes. You just put them on when you want and peel them off with ease when you’re done.


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