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The beauty of fashion lies in its dynamic, ever-changing element that transcends time. As time passes by, it is evident that fashion is so responsive to changes in a society’s culture, traditions, and entertainment.

Today, fashion trends among country to country have never been faster thanks to the wonders of science and the World Wide Web. As 2019 opens its doors to a whole new world of fashion, you might want an update to your wardrobe or closet and start shopping in malls, department stores, or online boutiques like Saved by the Dress.

For that hot, trendy 2019 look, here are some of the best and most viral fashion trends this year:

1.  Brightly-Colored Puffy Dresses

Probably one of the most favorite and trending wardrobe items this 2019 is those vibrant puffy-sleeved dresses that make you noticeable from a mile away. Such is the impact of statement dresses that it’s almost a crime not to have them in your wardrobe. You’d want to showcase those puffy shoulders, so forget that blazer or jacket. Let that dress speak for itself. Most notable colors are red, cyan, or yellow.

2.  Denim and lots of it

While the denim game started years ago, it has never been more popular today. Denim bike shorts for the summer, denim jackets for the cold months, and for that everyday look, denim polo shirts- be it long-sleeves or short-sleeves.

3.  Nature Prints

Especially in dresses, most favor an animal or floral print, especially the cheetah or leopard pattern. This trend embraces our love for nature and symbolizes the harmony of humanity and Mother Earth.

4.  Sparkling Tops and High-Slit Skirts

When you want a dress-to-impress, head-turner kind of style, this is it. A sparkling white sleeveless top with a plunging neckline and a blue or purple high-slit skirt makes you look playful and flirty while maintaining a respectable vibe.

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