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Arnold Schwarzenegger is a famous Hollywood star and a renowned bodybuilder. We at Katia Skye have printed his colorful and lively portrait to celebrate his worldwide fame. He is a businessman, a film producer, and a great personality that makes him an idol of many teenagers and young adults all across the world. He was a megastar and some of his blockbuster movies are all-time favorites globally.

We have canvas print Arnold’s wall arts with a very high resolution. The portrait is unique and deserved to be a part of your home decor or a gym or a sports arena. You can place it on the walls of your dining space, living room, or your bedroom. Schwarzenegger was an athlete who won the Mr. Universe title five times and Mr. Olympia seven times. In competitive body-building sports, he was a legendary personality.

Further details

You can order online from our official website the dimension you require. Thirteen different dimensions are available to match the wall areas in your home or office. You can order a landscape or a portrait orientation for rectangular frames, please mention the details under the ‘notes to seller’ section. An efficient print shop is our printing partner and so we assure you the best quality print at a reasonable rate.

Arnold Schwarzenegger began his career as a bodybuilder and became a champion. He started his acting career and reigned in Hollywood in roles of superpower characters. We have painted the portrait and its acrylic print with vibrant red, shades of yellow, and a slight tint of green. This color combination and the language of the posture of this phenomenal personality are well portrayed by www.katiaskye.com.

You can order this artwork from our official website for $50. Shipping cost is extra and calculation is made at checkout. The parcel comes in a Thermocol box for damage-free shipping. You will find a packet of hardware, containing bolts, after opening the box.

There is a brown paper on the portrait that needs to be peeled off. Be careful to not use any sharp objects instead you can use your hands to do the peeling. Shipping partners like DHL, FedEx, and UPS deliver the parcel to your doorstep. They assure damage-free and timely delivery of your order.

It makes an amazing gift!

You can gift this masterpiece to your friends and family members on New Year, birthdays, anniversaries, graduation parties, or just as a token of love. We are sure they will admire your choice and be grateful.

Katia Skye has many other pieces of artwork and each one is amazingly beautiful. You can order any one portrait or a set of portraits to add an exclusive look and character to the wall you choose to fix it.