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Essential Tips for Stroller ShoppersWhen you have a new baby on the way, there’s a lot or important decisions to make. With so many things to think about and the anxiousness you feel about the new baby’s arrival, you need easy ways to make the right decisions.Picking out a baby stroller is an important decision that parents need to consider before the baby arrives. You’ll want to get out of the house and take the baby places. I can tell you from experience that you need a high quality, reliable stroller. When my first child was about 4 months old, I attempted a quick trip to the local mall – without a stroller. After an hour of lugging my little boy around, my arms, neck and back all ached. Babies are small, but carrying them around during errands is just not efficient.

Since you’ll be needing a stroller, here are 5 simple things to remember so you’ll have one less stressful decision to make. Consider these five factors when choosing your baby stroller.SafetyBuy a stroller with good safety features. Nothing is more important than keeping your baby safe. Look for a 5 point harness system, wheels that lock, and other safety features to make sure your little one rides around safely.ComfortYou’ll want your precious little one to be comfortable when you take him or her out for a stroller ride. Make sure that you buy a stroller that has cushioned seats that recline for nap time.PortabilityYour stroller is going to be put in and out of your car a lot. Make sure that you get a stroller that is easy to carry from one place to another. Some strollers are heavier than others, but don’t let that affect your decision too much. The main thing to look for in regard to stroller portability is how easy it is to get it to fit into your car and to store when you are not using it.Ease of UseStrollers should be simple and easy to fold and unfold. The best strollers, from companies like Baby Trend, Graco, BOB and Joovy all have easy fold functionality. The best strollers should open and close easily and should be sturdy when they are unfolded for use.

The Size of Your FamilyIf you have other children, you may want to get a double stroller. This is especially important if you have a baby that is close in age to the new arrival, or a toddler that is still stroller-age. For older toddlers there are sit and stand strollers that let the little one sit securely in a seat while your toddler rides standing or sitting on the back of the stroller. Parents of twins will definitely want to get a double stroller. Consider whether you want a tandem or side-by-side stroller if you’ve got twins on the way.Keep these five tips in mind when looking for the perfect stroller. Don’t buy based on price alone. Make sure that the stroller you buy covers all of these important points.

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