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The moment you reveal you are pregnant, friends, family, co-workers, and even total strangers are going to be filled with advice. Everyone assumes your pregnancy will be just like their own, or they offer advice having never even been pregnant. The fact is, only your doctor can prepare you for what is normal and what to expect. And as a parent, only you are going to be able to figure out what is right for your child. As soon as you learn you are pregnant, you will scoop up every book you can find on pregnancy, babies, and child rearing. This is a good idea, but do not assume everything in the books is going to apply to you and your baby. Another mission you will find yourself on is creating an affordable wardrobe for the time your body is altered during pregnancy. Maternity wear is a lot more stylish than they used to be, but be careful about investing too much money in clothing you will only need a few times during your entire life. If you have a group of friends around your age and size, you may want to pass maternity clothes around the group to save money. You can also find items online or at rummage sales that will save you a great deal of money but still provide options for clothing while you are pregnant.

Speaking of clothing, your baby is going to need plenty of it. Rummage sales are great for picking up items like this, and so are those families around you that have kids who have outgrown their clothing. Another great way to save money on children’s outfits, if you are crafty or want to learn to be; is to make their clothing. This gives you a lot of flexibility with their wardrobe and allows you to get exactly what you want without spending a fortune. Rummage sales are also a great place to pick up toys, books, and furniture for children. It is important for parents to realize that when shopping for a child, they will eventually outgrow most things. Therefore you want to keep your investments limited. If you are designing a nursery, you are only going to need a crib and changing table for a short period of time, so do not spend money on these pieces like you would if you were shopping for your living room. Again, if you are crafty, you can make a few pieces of furniture, but keep in mind safety features on certain items are very important. Some items may be better left to the professionals. Finally, it is important for new parents to remember to relax. There is plenty to do and plenty to shop for, but it is important to remember this is the most exciting time in your life. Planning for and welcoming a baby into your loves is a joyous event and you should not get caught up in the stress of preparation and forget to enjoy the experience.

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