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Dressing well is not a calculation. However, for many men, this does not work out well. It is because men lack the basic knowledge about it and the courage not to be influenced by recent fashions.

The critical factors determine:

Fits well. How your clothes fit the contours of your body is by far the most important aspect of your appearance. Standard costumes will have some elements that will be out of place for you. Perhaps your waistline is too wide, and your shoulders are too narrow as long as the sleeves are long. Wearing uncomfortable clothes makes you feel uncomfortable. And when you feel uncomfortable, it shows. A smooth landing looks better too. Tailored clothing can highlight a person’s attractive features while overlapping other items. Use comfort as the main factor. Something comfortable but not free.

Dress appropriately for the occasion. An elegant man knows what to wear and when. Suit occasions: white tie events, black tie events, optional black tie, semi-formal or business wear, casual and business wear. While it would be too complete to explain what type of tailored suits to wear for each occasion, the smartest thing you can do is learn what to wear and when to avoid unnecessary embarrassment.

Learn to combine patterns and colors. Choosing the right patterns and colors for your facial features and the level of formality of the event you’re attending isn’t all about advanced math. Learn to choose the right patterns and colors to make a statement about yourself. Generally, the more textured or patterned fabric is, the less formal it is. Solid colors are at the formal end of the scale, followed by dark bars. While bright colors with polka dots are considered the other extreme. How you pair your suit with other pieces of clothing, such as an undershirt and tie, also says a lot about your knowledge of how to dress. For example, if he wears a striped suit, a striped tie and striped shirt will not suit him. Learn to mix and contrast. Also, check out which shades suit you best.

Dress according to your body type. First, these are not hard and fast rules but simple guidelines. Stripes will help a short man appear taller. In addition, the presence of peaked lapels gives it a majestic look. For a tall man, especially a skinny and skinny one, try to avoid skinny stripes. Checkered and plain clothes suit you. Solid colors are suitable for a large man. Supportive functions help a lean man. For example, extra padding on the shoulders, thicker cuffs, and a slimmer waist.


Stand out in the details. Custom tailoring has its advantages. The difference is in the details. You can create a suit tailored to your specific preferences and designed to contour your body. It will emphasize your comfort and appearance and give you calm confidence.

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