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Whether you are looking for a small baby gift for an acquaintance or planning a major purchase, organic baby gifts should be at the top of your list.  Organic items for infants are safe, healthy and environmentally friendly, and giving an organically produced gift is a great way to show your thoughtfulness.  I’ve heard all the hype, but does it really matter whether baby items are produced organically rather than by conventional methods?All the debate on organic versus conventional materials may seem geared towards pitching a product, but advocating the purchase of organic items is more than just an advertising gimmick.  Choosing organically grown and processed items is a decision that can have long-term implications, not only on your family’s health, but on the environment and long-term sustainability of our culture.  A brief description of the following common baby gifts will allow you to decide whether it is better to choose organic over traditional nursery items.

ClothingConventional baby clothing is manufactured from textiles which are produced using harmful agricultural practices which deplete soil and contaminate the nearby ground water.  Harmful chemical pesticides and herbicides are utilized, along with synthetic fertilizers.  During processing, harsh industrial chemicals are present at every step of the process.  Organic clothing is made from materials which are grown using sustainable agricultural methods such as crop rotation, water management, and all-natural fertilizers.  The textiles are processed using only natural whiteners, softeners and stabilizers, as well as non-toxic dyes.DiapersDisposable diapers are made of synthetic, non-recyclable materials which are causing a landfill nightmare.  Organic cotton cloth diapers are absorbent, free of dangerous chemicals, and can be laundered and reused as long as baby needs them; they are then recyclable.BeddingConventional nursery bedding, including sheets, blankets, crib bumpers, and mattress pads, contains many of the same toxic substances used in the production of infant clothing.  These harsh chemicals surround the sleeping baby for hours, causing innumerable health problems in the short term and later on in life.  A conventional crib mattress is filled with industrial poisons which can cause fetal damage, developmental issues, and severe allergic reactions.  Organic crib mattresses are manufactured from all-natural rubber, wool, and cotton, which provide baby with a safe and wholesome sleeping environment.Nursery ItemsNursery items such as swaddling blankets, bath towels, and washcloths are often made from synthetic materials and toxic dyes, which can be problematic for little immune systems.  Organic towels, burp clothes, and receiving blankets are soft and gentle on baby’s sensitive skin.

ToysBaby toys are meant to stimulate the senses and help little minds to develop.  Traditional toys are often made by manufacturers who use thousands of chemical additives in items that will sooner or later find their way into a baby’s mouth.  Organic baby toys made without toxic dyes and harsh chemicals are ideal for babies to grasp, gum, and explore.  Bright colors, interesting textures, and adorable features provide hours of wholesome play and entertainment.Gifts for MomDon’t forget the expectant mother while you are shopping for baby items.  An organic nursing pillow will keep mama comfortable and baby snug for that special and nurturing time.  Organic nursing clothing is stylish and comfortable, and safe for even a newborn’s sensitive skin.  Organic baby gifts are the perfect way to show how much you care and give the new baby a healthy and happy start.