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Dogs need collars and tags in order to have you clip your leash to them, to provide easy identification, and to allow for people who find your lost dog to contact you. However, there are several different types of collars, and all of them have their own pros and cons.

While looking at a color or the type of collar is certainly important, the size of the collar is one of the best factors to consider. If you have a small collar on a big dog or vice versa, then your dog will feel horrible and the collar will either choke your dog or fall off.

So how do you pick the right sized collar for your dog?

Look at the Breed

The breed of the dog is one of the best ways to figure out what type of collar you need. If your dog is one of the bigger dogs out in the world, then look for collars that are made for bigger dogs. Do the same thing with smaller dogs, and take a look at the neck size of the breed.

Use a tape measure to measure your dog’s neck, and then add a few inches depending on the dog’s weight. You don’t want the collar to be exactly the size of the dog’s neck, as that can be too tight, so give a few inches to spare.

Hair Matters

You also don’t want your dog’s hair to get caught in the collar, so if your dog has long hair and gets haircuts, you’ll need a collar that will be comfortable no matter the length of hair. Measure your dog’s hair both at its longest and after a haircut, and find an adjustable collar that will fit those measurements.

Having wide dog collars also give strength, where the thicker material is much stronger and provides a lot of support. If you have a bigger dog, especially one who likes to pull and wants to move with the leash, you’ll want one that can withstand the everyday movements your dog makes. Thinner collars are good for dogs that are smaller and don’t need as much support.

The Finger Test

Finally, in order to make sure that the collar is not too tight on your dog’s neck, be sure you can slip a finger underneath it. For small dogs you can get one finger under it, medium dogs should get two, and large ones should get three. This is good for disciplining dogs, or if you need to hold onto their collars securely. If you really want to make your dog happy, then scratch your dog underneath the collar!

Plus, it means that there is some space underneath the collar to make sure the dog can still breathe comfortably and not have the collar press against him. Finding the right type of collar might take some work, but both you and your dog will be happy with the results!