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Many beginners in the sport of golf find it very difficult to make that first purchase and have difficulty shopping for golf clubs. There are literally hundreds of different brands of golf clubs, then you have the signature series by your favorite golfer, colors, etc. But I am here to help you get the right clubs for you by having you visit an online golf pro shop and together we can make shopping for golf equipment a fun experience.Where to Buy Golf ClubsYou will be surprised the price difference for the exact same set of golf clubs, one in a busy sporting goods store and one online at an online golf pro shop or like Amazon or eBay auctions. I have a tip that can eliminate many concerns golfers have about shopping for golf clubs online. What you first need to do is hit the local big sporting goods store such as Dicks, you can see at that store they have a section set aside for golfers to try and even hit golf balls right there in the store. You are no way obligated to buy the clubs once you try them out, and that is where I suggest you get comfortable with a set of clubs at first. Then you can go to an online golf pro shop and continue shopping for that exact same set at a substantial discount.

When to Buy Golf ClubsIf your are new to golfing, it is worth noting that the golf season begins in April, and many of the manufacturers come out with the newest, greatest, best, sets of golf clubs right before the kick off of the new season. So when shopping for clubs, it doesn’t make any sense to buy a brand new set when the prices are at their peak, when if you waited a few months you will see that same set for sometimes 50% less than they were initially listed for. However, keeping that in mind, the start of the golf season is the BEST time to buy last years latest and greatest clubs from an online golf pro shop because they will most likely cost well below what they listed for and they need to clear out the old stock for the new arrivals.

How to Buy Golf ClubsVisting an online golf pro shop is a great way to research your purchase before you make that leap. You can watch videos on the latest releases of clubs, you can see items and interact with fellow golfers as they rate the clubs and tell of experiences good and bad with the purchases they made. You can gain valuable insight on the quality of a particular set of clubs from spending time shopping for golf equipment online, because buyers before you have already laid out the money and will most likely be giving an honest, third party opinion of the products you are interested in.

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