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Promotional merchandise has numerous advantages to the business and to the recipients. It plays a big role in increasing sales and boosting customer satisfaction. There are so many items to choose from. This creates a challenge in what to choose and what to forego when selecting promotional items. It is important to employ a strategy when considering an advertising campaign. For promotional merchandise, it is important to select products that will prove useful to your customers and at the same time communicate the objectives of your brand. Below are tips on choosing promotional items that will sell your brand and make your business shine.


Consider your company’s image

It is important to establish your business co-values, what you represent and what image you want to represent to potential and existing customers. All this will assist you in coming up with a creative and captivating brand message. It is important to consider a promotional item that complements your products and services.


Know your customer

Promotional items should be customised to meet a certain need of your target customers and still promote your brand effectively. Note that these products are supposed to serve two purposes, reminding your existing customers of your brand and inviting potential customers to try out your products.


Purpose to be unique

Incorporating promotional gifts into your advertising campaign is an investment and you need to make it count. You don’t want to dish out giveaways that are quickly forgettable as they will not serve the intended purpose. You want promotional merchandise that will convey the concept of your brand, make your customers feel cared for and remain in their minds for a long time. Therefore, chose items that are in tune with your brand and can establish a personal connection with your customers. Do not choose items very similar to those used by your competitors. Promotion products are flexible and can be creatively modified to add a unique sense to the image of your brand.


Consider location and event

It is important to factor in the location and the event where you plan to award your customers with promotional merchandise. This will help you customise the items in a way that will add to the total success of the event. Items like umbrellas and tote bags are quite visible and will yield continued exposure to your brand throughout the event. Even so, still ensure that the products you choose are useful to the customers even after the show.


Make arrangements in good time

Effective and timely planning gives you the chance to perfectly choose promotional items and organise events without any last-minute rush. Depending on which promotional items you have chosen, making an order and receiving them can take one to two weeks.

Have a team of experienced and professional marketers assist you in choosing these products and assist you to strategize as well. Set out to use these items to propel your business to another level.