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When it comes to giving gifts, we might not always have the most flexible budget compared to our peers. If you’re surrounded by tech-savvy friends, then you might know the feeling of being out of the loop with their techy jargon and staying up to date with the latest and modern trends. Though our difference in pay-cheques may separate us, it doesn’t mean that we can’t give gifts that they won’t be able to appreciate.

Laptop/tablet cases

Though you might not have the cash to buy your friends a new laptop, you may be able to afford products that give them a little bit of protection for their beloved gadgets. Hard cases for laptops and tablets might require you to know the specific dimensions of what the product is, but pouches, on the other hand, can do more than hold gadgets. More versatile models of laptop pouches work just like a briefcase in having sleeves for folders, documents, pens, calling cards and everything else that might be needed.

Tablet keyboard

With tablets gaining a lot more firepower compared to their earlier iterations, it has become a viable replacement for the trusty work laptop. Tablets are more compact and have the added functionality of being easy to use with office applications. A tablet keyboard is a perfect gift for someone who wants to work anywhere and everywhere without the need to carry a giant computer around.

Pop sockets

Everyone has had that mini-heart attack that occurs whenever they feel their phone slipping and it falls on the hard concrete. With phone designs prioritising sleek design over hand grips, a lot of people fumble and end up with their phone screens having that cracked aesthetic. Pop sockets have become not just practical for phones but are also trendy fashion statements. Wholesale pop sockets can come in different designs and models which you can choose from to fit the right person.

Power banks and power strips

Power strips are essential for people who have varying voltages for their devices. Having the wrong input of energy to your gadget could harm its battery, so it’s wise to have a regulator in check. Power strips don’t always come with long extension cords as portable power strips can fit in your pocket and are great companions when working in cafes or restaurants.

You’re not always around an area that has a power outlet, especially if you’re travelling. Though phones today are boasting above-average battery lifespans, you should still consider keeping an extra. Though the trick before was to bring an extra battery pack for your phone, it might seem silly to do that today especially with phones nowadays requiring more than just a flick of the back cover for them to open. A power bank is always an item that techy people appreciate as it can accommodate multiple devices from tablets to phones to everything else in between.