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If you are like me, you love offering gifts. It’s a great feeling when you love and respect that person. Hey, at times buying someone a gift feels 100 times better than getting something for yourself.

It’s incredible to be the reason someone smiles. But in all honesty, be careful when buying same day gifts for men you’re interested in, romantically. You may think, what’s the big deal in buying and giving gifts?

It does matter when you’re dating. The way you buy and give gifts matters. Most importantly, what do you provide and how do you give it?

For instance, what you give and how you give it places either a low or high value on your man’s mind. As such, it may make him either more or less attracted to you.

That’s different when you’re buying for a man you’re not interested in romantically.

These are some few rules that you should follow when buying your man a gift.

  1. Spending More Doesn’t Make You More Valuable

Sure, everyone loves an expensive gift. But that doesn’t mean you settle for the most costly option. Further, why spend a fortune on a man who you’re just dating?

See, most men don’t like extravagant women. So, if you’re flaunting your energy to spend, then you’re not in your feminine power. Indeed, your man won’t see you as someone who loves being taken care of.

Showing your ability to spend money doesn’t touch your masculine man. It’ll only attract a submissive man or one looking for a wealthy woman.

But if you don’t want him to take care of you, or you want to take care of him, you’re at liberty to ignore this rule.

But if you want the man you love to adore you, don’t spend more on him to look good. Instead, pay less.

  1. Don’t buy too Many Items: It Reduces the Value of Every Gift You Give

The logic is simple. Humans love to acquire, own more, and get the satisfaction of owning material things in our lives.

But in the real sense, this is counterintuitive in offering any gift. For instance, if you have 50 pieces of jewelry, does it make any of these pieces more special? Of course not.

Or do you keep your favorite pieces of jewelry that you wear over and over again? Well, that’s what happens.

A man will definitely remember the gifts that you give and which means a lot to them.

The more of one gift you get, the less valuable it becomes. If you want to make an emotional impact on your recipient, then give less of these gifts.

  1. Make Your Gift Useful or Sentimental

When buying your man a gift, it’s tempting to buy them a wallet, cologne or clothes. That’s what every girlfriend is giving her man, so you think it helps save time on your part.

There’s nothing sentimental with these gifts. Be creative and buy something simple, but which he’ll appreciate throughout his life.