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Flowers are an essential part of our lives. Whether it is a time to celebrate life, spread love, saying goodbye to departed, or honoring the dead flowers is the custom that is prevailing from generations. Flowers express feelings, emotions, and sentiments without finding the need for words. It is also an assumption that original flowers are a must to use in celebrations and gifts. But wilting of live blooms can easily be replaced by the allure of sola wood roses. These can be used more creatively to enhance the beauty and charm of events.

Sola wood roses can be a creative essence of a variety of events and celebrations like:

  • Valentine’s Day:

The classical arrangement of sola wood roses is an ideal way to show your care and love for your valentine. A gift of sola wood roses is unique and more inventive with the personalized touch of something special like burlap, ribbon, book, or chocolates.

  • Wedding Day:

The splay of elegant flowers completes the celebrations of nuptials. Wooden roses can be a perfect keepsake for the bride and other decorative sola wood roses can be also used as decorative items in the future.

  • Home Décor:

Sola wood roses with natural grain finish mess with your design scheme with a lot of wooden furniture. These wooden roses spruce up your drab indoor in a heartbeat. These flowers offer the beauty and elegance of natural blooms without any need of watering. These roses are not bounded to vases but can be a convenient part of wall hangings and door frames also.

  • Parade Floats:

To design parade floats real flowers are an option that can brutally kill your budget, but sola wood roses can solve this problem most affordably. The durability of these flowers keep you tension free of their wilting or scattering of petals and you can keep your float for next year.

  • Memorials:

To provide an offering to memorial statuary or over a gravestone sola wood roses are a lovely option. Losing the loved ones is difficult and their memories can never fade and wooden roses can convey this message more appropriately. These flowers cannot wilt or die in rain or snow and can easily affix to an urn.

  • Fashion Accessories:

Flowers are considered excellent accessories. Sola wood flowers can be easily glued to hairpins, bands, shirts or dresses. These flowers can also transform into wrist bands, flower jewelry, and other fashion accessories.

  • Beautiful Memories:

Sola wood roses can become forever memories of your romantic date night, friendship day, mother’s day, teacher’s day, or can be a superb part of getting well soon sentiments.


The sola wood roses by WOODFLOWERS.COM  are not like old carved pieces but they are lightweight and look like real roses. Sola wood roses by WOODFLOWERS.COM provide you a beautiful and affordable way to celebrate your events with beauty, charm, and grace. We provide you sola wood roses that are durable, flexible, eco-friendly, and come in any color you can imagine.

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