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Much creative involvements in the kid shoe industry have made this industry skyrocket its success! Designer Shoes for Kids are now made available among a wide range of categories and most of them exist both in online & offline markets. Understanding the various kid shoes categories finely helps you in finding the perfect shoes for your child. Let us discuss the 9 vastly used kids shoe categories in this article.

The 9 vastly used kids shoe categories are:

  1. Nature designs
  2. Comic pattern designs
  3. Cartoon character designs
  4. Monster patterns
  5. Dinosaur baby shoes
  6. Ballet shoes for babies and toddlers
  7. Boots
  8. Strap shoes
  9. Bunny baby slippers

Nature designs

Nature oriented designs are very soothing to the eyes of your baby. It includes sky, ocean and other nature oriented designs.

Comic pattern designs

Kids Shoes Suppliers provide comic pattern designs too. These designs got its name due to its resemblance with the conversations between comic characters. They are highly demanded and are the beloved trend now.

Cartoon character designs

Certain cartoon characters that acts as motivational ones are included in the shoe designs. For example: The Elsa from Frozen motivate children to become loving towards all. Hence such designs are incorporated in shoe designs.

Monster patterns

Is your child attracted to monsters more? Then the design pattern that are apt for them are the monster patterned ones. Monster patterns are now widely available online too.

Dinosaur baby shoes

Baby shoes that are carved in the shape of dinosaurs are also available. They are designed in such a way that they look cute animals rather than harmful ones (especially when your baby wears it).

Ballet shoes for babies and toddlers

Ballet shoes are now not restricted to only adults.  Specially designed ballet shoes for babies and toddlers are also available in the market now. They are very well demanded ones too. Why keep your baby away from special gifts when such awesome ballet shoes are there to adorn them? Gather the same as soon as possible to exhibit your love for your child well.


Boots are also available for kids. There are many varieties of boots available in the market categorized based on the style and material used for its construction. This ensures that your child gets the best suitable one from a range of boot collections.

Strap shoes

Strap shoes are available suitable for children belonging to a vast range of ages. Your child will love removing the straps themselves and taking off the shoes. It gives them a feel of independence and responsibility. These shoes come off with minimal difficulty so that your children won’t demand your assistance – each time they remove or wear the shoes.

Bunny baby slippers

Bunny baby slippers are yet another category that has attracted a bigger crowd of regular clients. They are often used by girls and come in a variety of colors. The pink color is the most demanded ones among all the colors. The availability of these shoes in many different colors helps them in being suitable for boys too.

Whatever kids wear; it looks cute. There was a time when there were lesser options which force you to stick with similar patterns & designs when it comes to the choice of shoes. But now things have changed much. All the above designs are available in most of the baby stores and can be acquired easily. Online options are also available which saves much of your buying time as it keeps you away from visiting the shop directly in order to procure kid shoe products. Order kid shoes online and use your valuable time in taking care of your child at home. Your choice will reach your doorsteps within a fixed duration!

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