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For most women, an outfit is never quite complete without the right handbag. Its importance cannot be emphasized enough. Aside from adding style and interest to your outfit, your handbag also holds all the important things you need to bring. This is why it can be really hard to let go a designer bag that you hold dear. If you are not yet ready to toss or donate your favorite leather handbag, here’s good news: you can still have it restored to look brand new. There are shops offering handbag repair in San Francisco and they can breathe new life into your beloved purse. But before you bring your bag to a restorer, you might want to try the following helpful tips first: Smooth out a wrinkled leather handbag by using a leather conditioner. Dry it with a hair dryer so the conditioner will sink into the pores. Don’t forget to put a lot of tissue paper inside your handbag and be careful not to smoothen your leather too much or it will look wimpy. Bring back the shine of your leather handbag with the right shade of leather polish. There are more than a hundred shades of leather colors today, so better check a color chart before buying. You can try to mix the basic colors of the polish if you cannot get the right shade for your handbag. Remove ink spots using your perfume or hairspray. These two products are effective ink removers. But be careful-you don’t want the leather dye to also come off as you rub. If this happens, you can buy a leather handbag ink remover instead. Never use rubbing alcohol because it is too harsh can leaves spots in your handbag. Clear the dust from your suede bag with a leather specialty brush. A regular brush may damage it and fail to bring back the original appearance of your suede bag. Remove the stain from a suede bag with a pencil eraser or sandpaper. Rub a fine grade sandpaper at the stain then rub the whole bag with a clean cloth or your leather brush. If all else fails or fi you simply don’t have the time or skills to do all these yourself, bring your bag to a shop that offers handbag repair in San Francisco. For your convenience, make sure that the shop your offers both online and in-store repair service. Their warranty should also allow you to get your money back if you are not satisfied with their work.

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