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We all need sleep, about six to eight hours every night, to be exact. If you don’t get enough sleep, it will negatively affect your waking hours. You become moody and irritable. Plus, your brain cells die, and you can’t think straight anymore. That’s why you need to make sure that you got everything covered to have a restful sleep, such as choosing the suitable materials for your bedsheets. So before you go and buy single bed sheets online, make sure to find the best fabrics that can help you get that restful sleep.

Upland Cotton

If you don’t see Egyptian, Supima, or Pima on the label, then it’s more than likely you’re buying Upland Cotton. It’s one of the most widely grown cotton in the world, and it’s being used for most standard bedsheets and other types of cotton clothing. The fibers of upland cotton are not as long as Egyptian, Pima, or Supima cotton. That means they’re not as durable, flexible, or as soft as the ones mentioned above. But one great advantage of Upland cotton is that these are significantly cheaper than other premium cotton bedsheets.

Egyptian Cotton

Egyptian cotton is the kind of cotton that’s grown only in Egypt. The properties of Egyptian cotton are different from other types of cotton because of the way it’s harvested and the climate where the cotton was grown. We all know that Egypt has a warm and dry climate ideal for growing cotton. Plus, these kinds of cotton are handpicked, which causes less stress on the fibers and keeps them straight and long, unlike regular cotton, which is harvested using machines. Egyptian cotton has extra-long fibers that result in softer and more flexible fabrics that last long.

Pima Cotton

The Pima cotton is another high-quality or premium cotton material with the same qualities as Egyptian cotton. It’s long fiber cotton, making it ideal for bedsheets because it provides ultra-soft, durable, and breathable bedsheets. But the only difference it has from Egyptian cotton is that Pima cotton is grown in the Southwestern part of the United States, which has a desert climate the same as Egypt. The Pima name from this type of cotton came from the Pima tribe, which used to grow cotton in Arizona many centuries ago. These are high-quality, but less expensive than Egyptian cotton.

The Verdict

Cotton comes in huge varieties, so it is naturally challenging to choose the best one. But if your aim is to get the best quality, that’s worth the money. Then it will be Egyptian or Pima cotton. These will give you the best sleeping experience with comfort that you can’t find anywhere else! Plus, these are durable and last long. So you know that you’re buying something that you’ll be using for many years to come.