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Nowadays, people are being more conscious of their health and how they will look. No wonder that there are so many beauty products that are out on the market. Since many women love to wear makeup. If you’ll ask them, why they are fond of using these products? They have their reason to wear make-up and use skincare products.

The attraction factor, the key to youth, and confidence are just some of the common reasons. Why they are highly passionate about using cosmetics products. It boosts a person’s confidence and it can make you feel adorable and younger. Also, it enhances a person’s features and makes them look more appealing.

One of the new trends in the beauty industry is Eyelash extensions. Instead of the struggle of applying mascara and removing it every day. Why don’t you try the eyelash extensions by Lash Jungle? Many are wishing to wake up every day with full and long eyelashes.

What is Lash Jungle?

Lash Jungle is a private studio located on  Chapel St. Windsor. That provides (Classic, Volume, and Hybrid) Eyelash Extensions and Lash lift. They are committed to offering only the best quality professional lash extension supplies. Especially for lash artists in Australia. All their products are tested and developed by a group of experienced lash artists. Whether you’re looking for pre-fanned volume lashes or lash accessories. They have everything that you’re looking for online.

Their goal at Lash Jungle is to help you made an amazing set of lashes. That will result in growing your business and happy and returning clients. They want to help you save time and effort. By innovating their lash products through their latest technology. No doubt that they are Australia’s fastest-growing lash brand. With exciting products to come.

The Newest Generation of Premade

They have a broad variety of pre-fanned volume lashes. To assist you and simply create so many different styles. From Hybrid set, Natural Volume Set to Mega Volume Set, they have it all.

  • They have 3D, 5D, 8D, 10D, 15D in C and D curl. From single-length trays, 8mm to 15mm to mixed tray premade lash fans. They have also different diameters from 0.03mm to 0.10mm to fit your client’s natural lash.
  • All their premade lash trays come in XL size. And hold 2.6x more fans compare to other brands in the market. The price is almost the same, which is affordable for all lash technicians.
  • All their premade fans are created with the highest quality material (Korean PBT). They are very lightweight. Which gives the clients a natural-looking full volume look.
  • Their pre-fanned volume lashes are made to be super easy to work with.

Lash Accessories

Lash Jungle has many lash accessories that you might need, such as but not limited to:

  • Lint Free Under Eye Gel Pads
  • Glitter Mascara Wands
  • Japanese Yukiban Tape for Eyelash Extension
  • Disposable Aluminum Glue Plate Stickers
  • Glue wipes Adhesive Nozzle Wipes Lint Free

You can check it online for more products.